Why More Sex is a Must for a Healthy Heart

Yes you read that correctly!

The more sex you have the healthier your heart can become leading to a healthier you. In a Study from 2010 in the American Journal of Cardiology they found that men who had sex at least twice a week were less likely to develop heart disease as compared with men who had sex only once a month. It is also widely known that that a healthy sex life can decrease your risk factors for a heart attack.

The benefits of having more sex and its positive effects on the body are not just male specific; it’s also very beneficial for women. During orgasm a rush of oxytocin is released  which has a direct effect on lowing blood pressure. Also Sex will increase the amount of estrogen in women, which protects them from heart disease and has been shown to decrease headaches.  

Sex is pretty much naked aerobic exercise and aerobic activity is great for the heart. During sex you will burn calories; on average you can burn around 200cal for every round of rumpus activity, about the same as a kickboxing aerobic class.  But make sure it lasts because for a 2min session you will only burn approximately 20cal. Sure its fun but not really the heart pumping benefits we are talking about here (sorry guys). 

How can sex lower blood pressure

During sex blood pressure and heart rate increase, this is caused by a constriction or narrowing of the blood vessels. When sex is over the blood vessels will dilate or widen allowing for the decrease in heart rate and blood pressure. This constant movement makes the blood vessels more elastic and easier to narrow and widen as needed allowing for an overall decrease in blood pressure.

Sex a natural painkiller

Lets just face it after sex you just plain feel good, but why? Its because the body releases endorphins which act like a natural painkillers. So if you have any type of joint or muscle pain sex can help, if you don’t, you still get the same feel-good effect.

Can Seniors Get in on the Fun?

Yes! But always consult your physician. Seniors can benefit from the effects of sex just as those that are younger than them. The increased circulation, aerobic exercise and just feeling good are all the same benefits one can get from having sex. And not to worry the American Heart Association states that only 1% of acute heart attacks are linked to having sex.

During the month of February there is a lot of focus on the heart from Valentines Day to American heart month.  So what better time than now to talk to your significant other about how to improve your heart health and what better way to do it then to have MORE SEX.  So get out there and get busy........Doctors orders!!


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