Patient Reviews for North Atlanta Spine

Our main goal here a North Atlanta Spine is to get you the patient well and on a track to maintain true health and wellness. As your Alpharetta Chiropractor you have lots of choices when it comes to your health and whom you trust with it. That’s why it’s an honor and a privilege that you chose this office to take care of you. Below are just some of the great reviews that we have received by patients. Again thank your for trusting us with your health care.


"Looking for a knowledgeable, no BS chiropractor? Look no further than North Atlanta Spine in Alpharetta. I have seen DOZENS of them along the east coast, and I can tell you without a doubt, Dr Paulk is a magician. I have had chronic sciatica for 30 years, with a recent bout that had lasted for 9 months. He did something to my back that no one has ever done before. The pain in my back and numbness in my leg and foot have disappeared after seeing him for several months. It actually stopped after my 3rd visit, but occasionally reoccurred for a few weeks until...... It just vanished. I have been PAIN-FREE for a month now. I am incredibly grateful to him, and he showed me a stretch that also relieved it when I couldn't see him.You will not be sorry you gave him a call!!!!! I guarantee it"
- Charlie A, Google Review


"I suffered from very debilitating migraines and constant neck pain for years, with no relief from medication. Within a few weeks of being seen by Dr Paulk I feel like a new person. Highly rrecommend him!"

- Jane P., Yelp Review


“Dr. Paulk gave me a very thorough first-time exam. He explained my condition in a way I could understand. He answered all my questions, recommended some supplements, and then adjusted me carefully. I felt already better walking out of his office. I am very pleased with my visit.”

-Hanno B., Square Customer Feedback


"I'm 32 years old and I started having lower back pain and comes to turn out I have tight psoas muscles. Regular visits to Dr. Paulk and a regular stretching routine has helped. I've never been to a chiropractor before, but it was the best decision I ever made."

-John M. -Google Review


"Dr. Paulk is the best! He took care of my hip pain that I had for a few years, in just a few treatments. My golf game has never been better since getting some help on my swing from him, as well".

-Malcom C.-Google Review


"I highly recommend Dr. Alex Paulk for chiropractic care! I had a fantastic first adjustment and already feel some pain relief in my lower back where I have scoliosis issues. He's the kind of dr. you can ask questions about overall health and get informed answers!"

-Brittany L, Facebook Review