Meet The Team

Dr. Alex Paulk

A Georgia native and long time Alpharetta resident. Dr. Alex Paulk brings a new and innovative approach thealthcare. One where the patient comes first and where treatments are what’s best for the patient, not what’s convenient for the Doctor. For too long Doctors have looked to patients as just numbers or diseases. Dr. Paulk takes a special interest in each patient. As the meaning of Doctor is “teacher”, Dr. Paulk takes this to heart and guides his patients to a healthier life one that is complete with true wellness and the elimination of pain.

Ayesha Nesbeth-Aguila

Ayesha Nesbeth-Aguila our Massage Therapist was introduced to massage at an early age of seven during the time she lived in El Salvador as an army brat. It was then her interest of the human anatomy and massage was sparked. As a graduate of Atlanta School of Massage Ayesha received extensive knowledge of human anatomy, physiology, pathology, orthopedic and neuromuscular massage. The science behind why things help is what Ayesha loves about massage and horticulture.



Joy Fleck, CPT

Joy, mom of three, was born and raised in Forsyth County, Georgia. She has a passion for health and fitness that was born out of her own journey to get healthy. She spent her youth playing sports and taking martial arts, but her life slowed down when she started her family.  It didn’t take long for Joy to realize that her health was just as important for her family as it was for herself. Her journey quickly became something more – a way of life.