Meet Our Personal Trainer in Alpharetta, GA

Joy Fleck, CPT Is a Certified Personal Trainer in Alpharetta, Georgia

Joy Fleck Personal Trainer

Joy a mom of three, was born and raised in Forsyth County, Georgia. She has a passion for health and fitness that was born out of her own journey to get healthy. She spent her youth playing sports and taking martial arts, but her life slowed down when she started her family.  It didn’t take long for Joy to realize that her health was just as important for her family as it was for herself. Her journey quickly became something more – a way of life.

Joy’s love of fitness and training led her to pursue a career that would allow her to help others make the choice to get healthy, and make lifestyle changes to reach their personal goals.

Joy is a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Association of Sports Medicine, and also holds certifications in Strength and Conditioning and Group Exercise through the YMCA and the American Council on Exercise.