Golf Performance In Alpharetta, GA

How can Chiropractic improve my golf game?

Dr. Paulk has played competitive golf since High School. Playing in various tournaments since then his love and passion for the game has only gotten stronger. He has also competed in many Long Competitions with his longest drive measuring 438yds.

Dr. Paulk is certified by the Titleist Performance Institute as a medical professional and also did extensive research while at Life University studying how the spine moves and reacts during the golf swing.

This knowledge along with being a life long athlete gives him the understanding and the ability to balance what the athlete wants vs. what they need.

When it comes to golf, Chiropractic can help in many ways including

Ensuring proper motion in each segment of the spine to help with the Kinematic sequence. The Kinematic Sequence is the proper movement of the body in a specific order to create the most efficient golf swing. It all starts with the Hips, then on to the Low Back, Mid Back, Shoulders, Arms and finishing with the wrist and the club head.

Increasing proprioception so your body knows where it is in space. In Golf as in any other sport balance is the key to better performance. Increasing your proprioception is exactly that, Increasing your balance.  

Removing any nervous system interference to insure proper muscle firing patterns. If your muscles are not doing what they are supposed to be doing how can you expect to break 100,90,80, or even 70

By putting the athlete through a physical assessment of golf realted movements Dr. Paulk is able to identify physical limitations. Also by using a Chiropractic exam to identify neuromuscular dysfunction Dr. Paulk is able to identify and correct multiple issues that can arise from the golf swing.

"Due to the amount of compressive forces on the spine during the golf swing and the amount of movement necessary to ensure a proper sequence I believe it is VITAL for every golfer of any skill and age to be under Chiropractic care"

- Dr. Alexandro J. Paulk